This is where I get to let loose and do my thing! Sketches, final art, 2D, 3D, and hopefully some custom toys and kitbashing along the way :-)

Planetside 2
Daybreak Games / SOE

Concepts, Proxy Models, & Decals

Planetside 2 is a sci-fi themed massively multiplayer first person shooter. I was mostly responsible for creating concepts, particularly for weapons and environment assets. As a concept artist, it is my responsibility to make sure my designs work as intended. So often times I would build proxy models to help conceptualize and validate my designs. Some of the weapons were based on a modular system and also required animated parts. The proxy models helped to solidify my ideas and along with the final concept renderings, saved the modelers time and effort when creating the final assets.

Daybreak Games / SOE

Concepts, Models, & Icons

Landmark was a multi genre spin off of the EverQuest franchise that focused on player content creation. I was responsible for designing NPCs (non player characters), tools, weapons, clothing, and armor. I also had the opportunity to create a few models as well.

Daybreak Games / SOE

King of the Kill

& Just Survive,

Marketing Art,

Concepts, & Icons

There are two games under the H1Z1 umbrella, "King of the Kill", a multiplayer online battle royale style game. And "Just Survive", a multiplayer online survival game. While I did a bit of conceptual work for both titles, most of my time was spent creating promotional art for marketing utilizing in game assets.

Star Wars:
The Clone Wars
Daybreak Games / SOE

Concepts & Models

An online game based on the animated television series, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". Staying true the look and feel of the series was relatively easy, since we were supplied with plenty of reference. The fun part was to design new and original assets in the same style. I had the opportunity to design an original character, a Clone Trooper by the name of Captain Breaker. My small contribution to the Star Wars universe :-) 




I'm Patrick and welcome to Patrick Ho Design Works. Inspired by comic books, anime, Japanese toys, and Star Wars. As a kid in the 70's, I turned my love of drawing into a career in art for the past 28 years.


I began my career as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I worked with various magazines, marketing agencies, toy, and trading card game companies. Because of my love for the sci-fi and fantasy genres, much of my work centered around illustrating packaging and advertisement art for video games.


That tie to the video game industry eventually lead me to becoming a Senior Artist, making games for the past 20yrs. My skills as an illustrator and graphic designer initially helped me to break into the industry as a concept and texture artists. While in the industry, I added 3D modeling to my skill set and have been utilizing all of my creative skills to make games of various genres and styles ever since.


I have recently returned to the freelance world, taking the opportunity to try new things and work on new projects both personal and professional. Being an avid toy collector, I'd be interested in taking on something in the designer toy industry as one of those projects. Creating figures and toys based on original content, either on my own or collaborating with like minded people.


If you like what you see and are in need of an artist with my qualifications. Please feel free to contact me. Thanks for your time!


Patrick Ho

Email: pho@san.rr.com | Tel: 858-361-2877

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